Erik Pietsch – The Whaleshark

Erik Pietsch - The Whale SharkErik Pietsch got his nickname about ten years ago when he was the captain of a Whale Watch tour in the Lahaina Harbor. The story I heard was that while on the trip, Erik spotted a whaleshark in the water somewhere between the islands of Maui and Lanai. Now, you have to understand that whalesharks don’t often make their way in to the waters near Maui and seeing an actual whaleshark was apparently so exciting for the young captain that he grabbed his mask and fins (and much to the shock of his passengers and first mate) Erik dove into the water, grabbed a hold of the whaleshark, and within seconds was under water and out of sight.

Another thing you have to understand about this particular whale watch trip is that it was the first day of training for Erik’s first mate. She had never been on a boat before, and the actual first mate had called in sick. So the situation was this: Erik was in the water with the whaleshark or more accurately, he was under the water with the whaleshark, and the first mate on her first day with no training was in charge of the boat full of passengers with no captain. Nobody would have blamed her for following Erik into the water, but she held her ground and after he finished his ride, Erik climbed back aboard the boat. And that is how Erik Pietsch became known as the Whaleshark.

Anyway, back to the show. Every Sunday and Wednesday night at the Cool Cat Cafe, Erik Pietsch aka the Whaleshark plays his version of island classics. From 7:30 till about 9:00 the family friendly show will entertain while the Cool Cat burgers will satisfy. After 9:00, however, the show changes, and I believe for the better. Naturally, I send my children home before the second half begins.

Erik Pietsch – The Whaleshark

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