Spanky’s Riptide: Sunday Morning Football Breakfast and Keiki Video Review

Keiki Review of Spanky's Riptide Sunday Morning Breakfast

Keiki Review of Spanky’s Riptide Sunday Morning Breakfast

The very first Spanky’s Sunday Morning Football Breakfast was a great way to watch NFL football. They have eleven televisions and each one is on a different channel. Breakfast starts at 7:00 am and by 6:45 am, locals were already waiting for the doors to open.

They have lots of $5 food specials and plenty of drink specials, too.

Come early and stay all day or get there in time to watch your favorite game of the week.

Here is Christopher’s video as he samples the McSpanky with eggs, bacon, and cheese. Spanky’s Riptide gets a little loud when they have all the games on, so please forgive the background noise.

Spanky’s Riptide
505 Front Street #129-130
Lahiana, HI 96761

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