Fresh Baked Cinnamon Rolls at No Ka ‘Oi Cinnamon Rolls Whaler’s Village

When I told my son that our next review was going to be cinnamon rolls at No Ka Oi Cinnamon Rolls at the food court of Whaler’s Village, my announcement was met with a huge smile and a vey excited, “Cool!”

When I told him that they were the same cinnamon rolls that are featured at LuLu’s Lahaina Surf Club & Grill at the Cannery Mall, he knew exactly which ones I was talking about.

The cool thing about being located at Whaler’s Village is that there is plenty of parking. There’s beach access parking next to the Westin Maui Resort & Spa and Whaler’s Village has an entire parking garage available. This makes visiting No Ka Oi Cinnamon Roll a lot easier than if they were located in downtown Lahaina.

We parked in the parking garage and walked past some of the shops and kiosks on the way to the food court located on the lower level of Whaler’s Village. The food court has a multiple food options including Subway, Nikki’s Pizza (awesome omelets for breakfast), Mr. Sub, and No Ka Oi Cinnamon Rolls.

No Ka Oi Cinnamon Rolls: The Goddess

No Ka Oi Cinnamon Rolls: The Goddess

There were about a half dozen couples and families sitting at the tables in the Whaler’s Village food court when we arrived. We walked straight to the end where No Ka Oi Cinnamon Rolls is located and my son and I introduced ourselves. The woman behind the counter greeted us and went in back to let Victoria know that we had arrived.

No Ka Oi Cinnamon Rolls has four varieties of cinnamon rolls:
The Goddess – No Ka Oi’s original cinnamon roll with their signature cream cheese frosting,
The Local Girl – No Ka Oi’s original cinnamon roll with macadamia nuts and their signature cream cheese frosting,
The Southern Belle – No Ka Oi’s original cinnamon roll with pecans and their signature cream cheese frosting, and
The California Betty – No Ka Oi’s original cinnamon roll with raisins and their signature cream cheese frosting.

By the time we arrived at 9:00 am, they had already run out of The Local Girl and The California Betty. During our visit, they also ran out of The Southern Belle. These cinnamon rolls are so good and are becoming so popular, that you need to make sure to arrive early.

My son and I opted for The Goddess and The Southern Belle as our cinnamon roll selections for the morning. He ordered a chocolate milk to drink and I ordered a cup of coffee. I was pleased to see that No Ka Oi Cinnamon Roll offers Maui Grown Coffee and had both Sugar in the Raw and agave syrup available as sweeteners.

We took our drinks and cinnamon rolls to one of the nearby tables and got ready for some breakfast. While I was taking a few pictures of the cinnamon rolls, my son was enjoying his Horizon organic chocolate milk. While I was taking notes on my iPhone, my son was already taking his first bite out of Southern Belle.

“I think it’s very good,” Chris told me, with a mouth filled with cinnamon roll. “The icing is more like a custard than icing. It’s very creamy.”

I explained to him that, according to the web site, No Ka Oi Cinnamon Rolls are topped with a cream cheese frosting. Since his mouth was once again filled with cinnamon roll, he simply nodded his understanding.

I added some Sugar in the Raw to my coffee and had a few sips. The coffee was good. I like the fact that No Ka Oi Cinnamon Rolls served Maui Grown Coffee. It’s nice when Maui businesses support one another.

No Ka Oi Cinnamon Rolls: The Southern Belle

No Ka Oi Cinnamon Rolls: The Southern Belle

As Chris took a few sips of his chocolate milk in between bites of the cinnamon rolls, I picked up The Goddess and tried a bite for myself. I liked it. The flavor was sweet with a little more than a hint of cinnamon. There was a buttery aspect to the texture that made it seem like it melted on your tongue. The richness of the cream cheese frosting is a great complement to the flavors of the roll.

No Ka Oi Cinnamon Rolls are not overly sugary or overly cinnamony; they have a more delicate flavor. They reminded me of a home-made pastry as opposed to the overly sweet flavor of the commercial cinnamon rolls you find at the malls and at supermarkets.

The pecan cinnamon roll known as The Southern Belle included small bits of pecans rolled up inside the pastry. I like pecans and thought The Southern Belle was even better than The Goddess. Using “just the right amount” of pecans created an experience worth trying.

One of the cool things about breakfast at No Ka Oi Cinnamon Roll is that the cinnamon rolls go well with the coffee. I enjoy drinking coffee with breakfast and I don’t always like it when what I’m eating overwhelms the coffee. No Ka Oi Cinnamon Rolls are delicious with coffee.

No Ka Oi Cinnamon Rolls are becoming very popular here on Maui. I can assure you that the next time we come here, we will arrive a little earlier so we can try the other varieties before they run out.

No Ka ‘Oi Cinnamon Rolls
2435 Ka’anapali Parkway H16
Lahaina, HI, 96761

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