Cool Cat Cafe: Burger of the Month September 2014

Cool Cat Cafe Beef Burger of the Month September 2014: “The Seoul Train”

Cool Cat Cafe Beef Burger of the Month September 2014: “The Seoul Train”

Easily the best burger of the month since January 2014, September’s BOM, “The Seoul Train” and its vegetarian counter part, “Center your Chi!” have just the right combination of savory and sweet. Both burgers feature Cool Cat’s own home-made teriyaki sauce and are topped with grilled onions and pineapple, melted jack cheese, shredded red cabbage, and Korean Kimchi. Both burgers are served on a fresh baked potato bun with a drizzle of mayonnaise.

When I took my two sons to Cool Cat’s on the first of the month, we asked to sit in the air conditioned section on the inside of the restaurant. It was hot and sunny and we wanted to sit somewhere a little cooler. Usually, we sit outside and enjoy the cool breezes of Lahaina, but today felt a little warmer than normal.

My younger son ordered his usual, Hula Sticks (from the appetizer section of the menu): chicken with pineapple, smothered in a sweet Hawaiian sauce. My older son and I, as always, ordered one beef BOM and one veggie BOM. That way, we each get to try half of both kinds of burgers.

Cool Cat Cafe Veggie Burger of the Month September 2014:”Center Your Chi!”

Cool Cat Cafe Veggie Burger of the Month September 2014:”Center Your Chi!”

After cutting the burgers in half so we could share both of them, my son wanted to try the veggie burger and I wanted to try the beef.

My first bite of the beef burger was full of flavor and lots of crunch. I very much enjoyed the way the crunch from the cabbage and kimchi brought out the flavors of the burger. The saltiness of the kimchi, the robust flavor of the beef, the sweetness of the teriyaki sauce and pineapple, and the creaminess of the melted jack cheese played a symphonic melody of gastronomic pleasure in my mouth.

My son enjoyed the veggie version of September’s BOM and commented, between mouthfuls, how much he liked this month’s burger. He also thought this burger was one of the best so far this year and highly recommended the veggie version.

When we switched plates so I could try the veggie and my son could try the beef version, I had very little room left; the burgers are huge this month. Nevertheless, I did my best. The flavors of the veggie burger were very similar to the beef burger with the exception of the delicious veggie patty.

Both burgers are available during the month of September 2014.

The Cool Cat Cafe
658 Front St. #160
Lahaina, HI 96761

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