Cool Cat Cafe: Burger of the Month November 2014

The Burger of the Month for November 2014 at The Cool Cat Cafe is delightfully juicy! I have eaten many Burgers of the Month at Cool Cat’s over the years and definitely have several favorites on my list. I now have another unique and captivating burger to add to that list.

Cool Cat Cafe Beef Burger of the Month November 2014: “Viva El Cubano!”

Cool Cat Cafe Beef Burger of the Month November 2014: “Viva El Cubano!”

Being a fairly tidy eater, and making an effort to minimize waste, I normally only need one of Cool Cat’s generous oversized napkins to handle the juices from any of my choices of burger. This succulent burger was erupting with savory juices beyond any expectations. It took me four full napkins to control the full flow of juices with this tsunami of taste of a burger. I’ll admit the possibility that my eagerness to consume the “Viva El Cubano!” was bordering on ravenous zeal. Perhaps if i could have managed to gather more control over my enthusiasm to devour November’s Burger addition to the menu, I might have gotten by with three napkins. I’ll initiate a “Napkin Rating System” here. Let’s call it the NRS. Previously to this, my extremely fastidious nature has kept even the most overflowing of burgers to no more than two napkins. Many burgers I have enjoyed at other places don’t even require one napkin. And I’m thinking the possibilities of any burger ever needing five is just too insane to be considered anything but sheer fantasy. The ““Viva El Cubano!” is topping the scale at a NRS of 4!

The proportions of ingredients are surprisingly perfect. Your taste buds samba with each precisely chosen member of this cast of characters individually as well as in unison. The thinly sliced, slightly smoked ham becomes the high notes and gives the spicy mustard a base from which it reaches its full potential. Underlying the ham is the surprise partnership of pulled pork.

How do you capture someone’s attention when they are already devouring a Cool Cat burger with its delicious fresh hand-pattied hamburger and savory smoked thin sliced ham? Simple. You tuck in a crowd favorite: a cleverly hidden cache of pulled pork.

The pulled pork adds the treble to the burger symphony, calmly bridging the space between the burger patty and the thinly sliced ham. Once your mouth has explored the first few bites, your taste buds are “rockin’ a mean samba” to this Latin Big Band of a burger. The driving rhythms moving your mouth in a whole new glorious direction, remind you that life is meant to be lived fully and out loud.

I’m not claiming that November’s Burger of the Month will radically change your life (although there is always that possibility). But it certainly is going to infuse your life with a lot more interesting flavors to remember — especially when those Polar Vortices come knocking on your doorstep over the next few months back home. You just might want to experience as many of these sumptuous reminders of Maui before you leave. November will end soon, and when it’s gone we will be saying, “Aloha” to the “Viva El Cubano!”.

Cool Cat Cafe Veggie Burger of the Month November 2014: “A Havana Affair”

Cool Cat Cafe Veggie Burger of the Month November 2014: “A Havana Affair”

Some of you may not know that The Cool Cat Cafe proudly prepares and serves the best vegetarian burger found anywhere on Maui. This superlative all-organic veggie patty is made right here on Maui and served fresh with ANY of Cool Cats diverse selections of burgers. This includes the fascinating “A Havana Affair” November’s Veggie Burger of the Month.

For those of you afraid to venture into the Veggie Burger Universe, you are being absolutely remiss in your gastronomical experience catalog. Vegetarians, with refined senses of taste and appreciation for exquisite tasting foods, have had to suffer the anguish of struggling to ingest other commercial veggie patties that, quite frankly, deserve less attention than the cardboard box in which they are packaged. Now, thanks to The Cool Cat Cafe, everyone has the distinct pleasure of biting into a true veggie burger that will exceed all your expectations!

In just a few bites, the “A Havana Affair” will erase years of taste bud torture inflicted by those other vegetarian burgers that underwhelm even those with extremely low expectations for flavor and moisture. Gone is the requirement for mandatory liquid needed to flush one of those arid cardboard excuses for a veggie patty down your throat. Finally, you can actually order your favorite beverage as a complement to your veggie burger.

The Cool Cat Cafe’s Veggie Burger of the Month stands on its own and screams its defiance at a world that has been conditioned to accept mediocrity as “the best we can do”. All of you need to grab one of these delicious veggie burgers with both hands and boldly go where you might have feared to venture before!

There’s no need to lower your expectations for intricate, full flavor. The Veggie Burger of the Month delivers like an obstetrician nine months after a big city’s paralyzing snow storm! You can’t wait nine months. November will be gone and so will your chance to let your tastebuds know “You’ve got their back”.

The only thing more crisp than autumn’s outdoor air is the layers of fresh lettuce and veggies greeting your mouth as you bite into that magnificent Maui-made veggie patty. Where all this new sensory exploration will lead you to in nine months, I have no clue. I do know that life is too fleeting to eat only boring food. Wrap yourself around your new BFF (Best Food Friend) and spark that passion for life you know needs nurturing to thrive. There’s a vibrant burger in your future and it’s called The Cool Cat Cafe’s November Veggie Burger of the Month!

Both “Viva El Cubano!” and “A Havana Affair” are only available during the month of November 2014.

The Cool Cat Cafe
658 Front St. #160
Lahaina, HI 96761

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