Cool Cat Cafe: Burger of the Month May 2013

My son’s response when I asked him if he would like to accompany me on another tasting of Cool Cat’s burger of the month was that of a typical teenager.

“No thanks, Dad,” he said. “I think I’ll pass this time.”

“You sure?” I asked him. “The beef burger’s gonna be a little spicy with lots of cheese and some corn. The veggie is gonna have a marinated tofu patty, green papaya salad, and a Thai peanut sauce.”

“Oh,” he thought out loud. “That does sound pretty good. When are we going?”

“This Saturday,” I smiled at him, “around three.”

We sat at one of the inside booths where there is air conditioning and it’s a little cooler. The weather is starting to get hotter as we move into summer on Maui. We ordered some drinks and waited. On one of our previous visits, my son ordered a cherry coke and decided to order one again this time. He reminded himself to stir it before he started so that he wouldn’t wind up with a thick syrupy concentrate near the end of his drink.

Cool Cat Cafe Beef Burger of the Month May 2013: Don Quesote

Cool Cat Cafe Burger of the Month May 2013: Don Quesote

Cool Cat Cafe Burger of the Month May 2013: Don Quesote

Matt Godfrey, the general manager of the Cool Cat Cafe, brought us our food: both burgers of the month, some onion rings, some french fries, and a dinner salad.

The beef burger of the month for May is called the Don Quesote. It starts with one of Cool Cat’s beef burger patties on a ciabatta bun with green leaf lettuce, tomato, pepper jack cheese, roasted poblano peppers, corn, onion, bacon sauteed in parmesan cream sauce, and cilantro poblano aioli.

The first thing about the beef burger that really stood out was the spiciness. It had some heat, but the sensation was more of flavor. A really good flavor with a smooth creaminess from the cream sauce. The corn added a little pop when I crunched the kernels. It made for a pretty fun burger.

Cool Cat Cafe Veggie Burger of the Month May 2013: Tofu Panza

Cool Cat Cafe Burger of the Month May 2013: Tofu Panza

Cool Cat Cafe Burger of the Month May 2013: Tofu Panza

The veggie burger of the month is called the Tofu Panza and is made up of a veggie patty, a marinated tofu patty, green papaya salad, tomato, red onion, homemade sweet Thai peanut sauce served on a ciabatta bun.

The aroma of the peanut sauce reached my nose long before the burger reached my lips. It was a nice precursor to the veggie burger itself. My first bite was very good. I liked the creaminess of the tofu and the crunchiness of the green papayas. The overall flavor was great and I think I liked the veggie burger even more than I liked the beef burger.

My son thought the onion was a little overpowering, but I didn’t experience that at all. He also preferred the veggie burger, but only if he was forced to only choose one.

As an added bonus and before we finished our burgers, Matt brought over a root beer float. Apparently, they had made an extra one.

The Cool Cat Cafe
658 Front St. #160
Lahaina, HI  96761

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