Cool Cat Cafe: Burger of the Month July 2015

Last July, Cool Cat’s burgers of the month featured both “The Bottle Rocket” and “The Roman Candle” and this July, the burgers of the month are the same as before. I didn’t have the opportunity to try them last year, but I’m glad I finally got the chance.

Cool Cat Cafe Veggie Burger of the Month: July 2015

Cool Cat Cafe Veggie Burger of the Month: July 2015

As usual, we ordered both burgers with onion rings, fries, and a shake or to be more specific, a chocolate malt.

As usual the food was delicious and the service was great.

As usual, I tried the beef burger first and found it to be savory and quite good. The idea of a jalapeno popper on a burger was bit unusual, but I must admit I liked it. To be honest, I would have liked a basket of them with a little bit of the spicy avocado ranch dressing for dipping. The onion rings and a little bbq sauce did the trick nicely.

Cool Cat Cafe Beef Burger of the Month: July 2015

Cool Cat Cafe Beef Burger of the Month: July 2015

When my son joins me for the monthly burger of the month at Cool Cat’s we cut the burgers in half and share them both. This month, he was unable to attend, so I brought a friend instead. As a direct result, I didn’t cut the burgers in half before tasting them. Big mistake because before I knew it, I had eaten nearly the entire burger. Good news: the beef burger was very good and this is the first time I finished the entire burger of the month. I really enjoyed it.

This left very little room for the veggie burger of the month. In fact, it left no room for the veggie burger and I decided to pack it to go.

Fast forward to later that evening:
The veggie burger was delicious. I reheated the Lifefoods Vegan patty and the jalapeno poppers in my cast iron skillet so they would be warmed up just a bit. I toasted (very lightly) the onion roll, and reassembled the burger of the month. I was very pleased with the results.

Almost as good as the burgers served at the Cool Cat Cafe itself, my reconstructed version was quite good. I continue to love the flavors of the vegan patty and commend the Cool Cat’s team for switching to Lifefoods. Truly a great vegan burger. The rest of the burger fixin’s were just as good as when they were served on the beef version.

I highly recommend both of these burgers. They are only available during the month of July. But don’t worry if you miss them, they just might be available again next summer.

The Cool Cat Cafe
658 Front St. #160
Lahaina, HI 96761

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