Cool Cat Cafe: Burger of the Month February 2014

This has got to be my favorite Burger of the Month so far this year. And I believe the Cool Cat Cafe has their work cut out for them if they are going to beat it.

Cool Cat Cafe Beef Burger of the Month February 2014

Cool Cat Cafe Beef Burger of the Month February 2014

When my son and I visit Cool Cats for our monthly burger tasting, we always cut both burgers in half so that we can each try the beef burger and the veggie burger. This month, I got the beef first and my son got the veggie.

My first bite exploded with flavor. The brightness of the cilantro, the savory seasoned beef patty.

Wow. It was fantastic.

After our first bites we both had the same reaction, “mmmmm.”

“It’s really good,” my son told me. He added another, “mmmmm” after the second bite, too.

I had to agree with him. The burgers of the month for February 2014 were some of the best we’ve had.

The beef burger known as “Living Fajita Loca” is a fajita disguised as a hamburger. The burger geniuses at The Cool Cat Cafe took an ordinary hamburger and transformed it with shredded lettuce, pepperjack cheese, citrus cilantro, sauteed bell peppers and red onions, and a cilantro avocado ranch sauce. They serve the burger on a a Mexican torta bread.

Cool Cat Cafe Veggie Burger of the Month February 2014

Cool Cat Cafe Veggie Burger of the Month February 2014

The result, as my son shared with me, “Unique fixin’s for a burger. I like it.” He thought the peppers were excellent and from a flavor perspective added a distinctively Mexican character to the burger.

The veggie burger was called “Viva Fajita” and was every bit as good as the beef version. It showcased the Life Foods’ Original Life Burgers that Cool Cats uses every day.

My son added little Tabasco Sauce to the burgers and like the extra kick. He cautions not to use too much the burgers are great to start.

“Living Fajita Loca” and “Viva Fajita” are only available till the end of the month.

The Cool Cat Cafe
658 Front St. #160
Lahaina, HI  96761

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