Cool Cat Cafe: Burger of the Month December 2014

Are you worried that Santa won’t be bringing you anything this year because you haven’t been quite as good as you should have been? Are you worried about getting stuck with yet another lump of coal?

Fear not! Get yourself to Cool Cat Cafe and let December’s Burger of the Month “Jolly St. Mac” deliver that delicious present you probably haven’t earned this year.

Cool Cat’s “Jolly St. Mac” will encourage you, in advance, to behave better for the coming year.

After all, the New Year and all its promises are just around the corner. As long as you’re still on Maui, treat yourself to a glorious ending that’s filled with comfort food and sheer childlike magic of the unexpected.

Cool Cat Cafe Beef Burger of the Month December 2014: “Jolly Ol’ Saint Mac . . . and Cheese!”

Cool Cat Cafe Beef Burger of the Month December 2014: “Jolly Ol’ Saint Mac . . . and Cheese!”

Cool Cat’s “Jolly St. Mac” is comfort food at its best. It rewards you and stays in your memory for the coming year. It’s a reminder that you are filled, from the inside, with goodness and have a bounty to share with the world.

I will share with you the secrets awaiting your tastebuds and soul once you have unwrapped December’s Burger of the Month and bitten into all of that goodness. However, you’ll need to fill yourself with each scrumptious bite in person if you are to receive the full joy that will carry you into 2015.

The Jolly St. Mac is loaded with one of the all-time favorite comfort foods: macaroni & cheese. That fresh hand-formed Cool Cat burger patty comes out ladled with creamy white cheddar cheese macaroni cascading down the sides. From under that soft engaging warm bun Cool Cat is known for, you can see the burger below. You have the always crisp accompaniments of ripe succulent onions, tangy garden fresh greens and tomatoes to further enliven your memory for future reference.

It’s always the most difficult decision to make exactly which side to pair with your Jolly St. Mac. Your choices are as numerous as they are appropriate. One choice is the ever popular seasoned french fries. Made to order and flavored with just the right amount of seasoning to please your pallet.

I encourage you to branch out this time around. The onion rings are delivered with all the delicate flavor you expected if your of the age to remember what truly fabulous “Car-Hop” delivered onion rings were all about. If you aren’t old enough to remember the age of drive-in restaurants, then here is your chance to experience what you missed.

Can’t make up your mind? I recommend you go with the Frings! A perfect compromise and a perfect combination of those delicious french fries served with Cool Cat’s unforgettable onion rings.

I would be remiss if i didn’t advance my particular favorite side to accompany your Jolly St. Mac. Indulge yourself in actually fresh house-made coleslaw! It is there awaiting you, chopped to perfection and mixed with the incredible refreshing addition of fresh maui pineapple. I bet you didn’t see that coming. Be sure to order it and see it served to your table in person. Enjoy one of the most unique and healthy side dishes that you previously ignored. Your rewards will multiply throughout the coming year from having awoken your retired sense of adventure. You have your Jolly St. Mac all warm and creamy comforting your soul; lively-up your spirit of Joy with crisp, fresh, pineapple cole slaw. Then go out and make these Holidays the Best you have ever had buoyed by your Jolly St. Mac and renewed sense of wonder!

There is of course a star of this season of joy and giving. This star is giving you a most unexpected treat. You have heard of the song White Christmas. The song that has led the world for decades as the single most popular Christmas Song of all-time. Written flawlessly by Irving Berlin it has embodied the spirit of giving and warmth to light a path for humanity.

Cool Cat Cafe Veggie Burger of the Month December 2014: “White Christmas”

Cool Cat Cafe Veggie Burger of the Month December 2014: “White Christmas”

Not to be overlooked is Cool Cat’s version of White Christmas: the Burger! Yes there is a White Christmas waiting for you at The Cool Cat Cafe. This bono fide hit is anchored by the savory strength of their fully organic, made fresh on Maui, vegetarian patty. You will never find a more perfect union of spices and savory flavoring to bring out all of the inherent goodness in the white cheddar cheese macaroni topping this burger.

The first bite I took startled my tastebuds into waking up! I never expected such a brilliant star in the gastronomic universe to burst forth. WOW! I love great mac n cheese just as much as you do. But the partnership with this sensational veggie burger patty explodes with the brilliance of an overhead Chrysanthemum on a dark cold New Years Eve sky.

From where did that awe inspiring combination emanate? From the imagination and collaboration of the renowned kitchen staff at the Cool Cat Cafe, of course. There is the creamy warm soul of white cheddar cheese superbly accentuated by the pepper’s bite and savory ingredients emanating from the veggie patty.

This is the shining star you want to follow. It will lead you to the culinary reward you seek. For those of you still hesitating to advance your personal experiences when it comes to foods that inspire: STOP putting it off. Order the White Christmas! Devour the White Christmas! You wont’ be disappointed.

The way that Irving Berlin brought together a union of lyrics and melody that even though delightful on their own; together rose to lofty heights and exploded in the world’s consciousness, never to be forgotten, this White Christmas is the perfect marriage between diverse individual items that now are elevated to new heights for you to cherish and remember. You have till the end of December to advance your culinary repertoire before this brilliant Star of a Burger vanishes with the New Year.

Like most delicious surprises, you will regret not having more than one. Plan on visiting Cool Cat’s soon and order the White Christmas. Ane be sure to leave yourself plenty of time to sample a few more prior to this White Christmas melting away into last years memories with the arrival of 2015.

To ALL of you a very Mele Kalikimaka and Haouli Makahikihou!

The Cool Cat Cafe
658 Front St. #160
Lahaina, HI 96761

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