Cool Cat Cafe: Burger of the Month April 2015

Cool Cat Cafe Beef Burger of the Month April 2015: “Hau’oli La Hanau!”

Cool Cat Cafe Beef Burger of the Month April 2015: “Hau’oli La Hanau!”

One of the best Loco Mocos available on Maui is only available this month at The Cool Cat Cafe. It’s their version of the Hawaiian favorite without the rice and served on some delicious garlic bread. My son and I tried it yesterday and we both agreed that it was even better than the breakfast Loco Mocos available at some of the other restaurants on Front Street.

As we usually do, my son and I shared both burgers and discussed what we liked about them during our meal. I tried the veggie burger first and really liked the flavor of the LifeFood veggie patty coupled with the gilled onions and mushrooms. The fried egg reminded me of the burgers we used to get in college near Westwood Blvd in Los Angeles. The garlic bread was really quite delicious. Crispy on the garlic side and soft on the other like the inside of a baguette. The veggie burger was served without the gravy. If you’re vegan, you can order it without the egg.

Cool Cat Cafe Veggie Burger of the Month April 2015: “Hippity Hoppity, Easter’s on Its Way!”

Cool Cat Cafe Veggie Burger of the Month April 2015: “Hippity Hoppity, Easter’s on Its Way!”

My son tried the beef burger first and loved it. He listed a few of the restaurants where he had eaten Loco Mocos before and said it was better than all of them. After tasting the veggie burger, I didn’t agree with him. The veggie version was very good, and on par, but not better than the other restaurants. Well, except one. (Can’t mention which one. Sorry.)

As always, the fries and onion rings were great.

We traded burgers at about half way through and after my first taste of the beef burger of the month, I realized my son was right. This was a better Loco Moco than any of the breakfast versions I’ve tasted. The gravy was rich and savory. The beef patty was perfect. (Whatever their secret is when it comes to burgers, I’m glad they have it.) The egg was just on the other side of over easy which makes for a better complement to the burger. If this Loco Moco burger was served over rice it would definitely be good. Serving it on the Cool Cat’s garlic bread made the burger great.

The beef burger of the month is named: “Hau’oli La Hanau!” (HAPPY BIRTHDAY – how-oh-ley la ha-now)

The veggie burger of the month is named: “Hippity Hoppity, Easter’s on Its Way!”

Aside from the names that don’t really seem to fit the nature of the burger, April’s Burgers of the Month at The Cool Cat Cafe are really great.

The Cool Cat Cafe
658 Front St. #160
Lahaina, HI 96761

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