Bully, Formerly of Goofy Foot Surf School, Founds Bully’s Ohana Surf School

Robert “Bully” Kotter Establishes New Surf School in Lahaina

Robert "Bully" Kotter of Bully's Ohana Surf School

Robert “Bully” Kotter of Bully’s Ohana Surf School

If you’re looking for your favorite surf instructor named Robert “Bully” Kotter, who used to teach surf lessons at Goofy Foot Surf School in Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii, Relax. You’ve finally found him.

That’s right! Bully, formerly a surf instructor with Goofy Foot Surf School in Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii, has started his very own surf school right here in Lahaina. He has conveniently named his new surf school, “Bully’s Ohana Surf School” and he’s providing surfing instruction for surfers of all levels of surfing skills and abilities.

With a name like “Bully’s Ohana Surf School” the newly established surfing school is easy to remember and after you’ve taken your first surf lesson, it’s also impossible to forget.

In fact, after you’ve taken your second, third, or more lessons from Bully, it’s still impossible to forget. Bully’s philosophy is always the same: help each and every one of his students to reach their highest potential as a surfer.

Some people want to learn to surf for the very first time. Others want to go surfing after years spent out of the water. Still others want to become the very best surfer they can possibly become. Bully has the ability and the experience to help all of his students achieve their specific goals.

Bully has been teaching surf lessons on Maui for over thirty years and loves sharing his passion for surfing with all his students. On any given day, you can find Bully in the water or, at the very least, not too far from the water.

Bully’s Ohana Surf School provides lessons on short boards, long boards, and stand-up paddle boards. Using new teaching techniques that he developed, Bully guarantees that he can teach you to surf or he will give you your money back. Period.

Bully has never needed to refund a student’s money. He’s that good.

Learn more about Bully’s Ohana Surf School by visiting his web site at http://www.bullyssurfschool.com

Or visit Bully’s Ohana Surf School’s Facebook Page:

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